Insane Action-Packed First Trailer for ATTACK ON TITAN Season 2!

At long last, the first trailer has been released for Attack on Titan Season 2 and it looks absolutely insane! This is a great early Christmas present for fans of this badass anime series. We've been waiting so long for this and it looks like it'll be well worth the wait!

In the trailer we get to see Eren, Mikasa and Armin brutally taking out one titan after another with skilled maneuvering techniques. There are also a couple of new titans featured and in one of the coolest scenes, there's a huge, furry titan that epically launches a horse toward one of the Survey Corps members. The footage featured in this first trailer is just incredibly action-packed stuff. 

Attack On Titan Season 2 is set to debut in April 2017. Now, watch the trailer!

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