INSIDIOUS 5 is Reportedly in Development Because The Franchise is a Big Cash Cow


I am a huge fan of the Insidious horror franchise. I've enjoyed the film's that they have made and it turns out that the last movie in the franchise, Insidious: The Last Key, turned out the be the highest grossing film in the franchise! Here's a breakdown of how much each film has made:

  • Insidious: The Last Key (2018) — $164.4M
  • Insidious Chapter 2 (2013) — $161.9M
  • Insidious Chapter 3 (2015) — $113.0M
  • Insidious (2011) — $97.0M

According to Bloody-Disgusting, Bumhouse is reportedly developing a fifth Insidious film, which shouldn't come as a surprise. I'm just curious to see what the next chapter in the franchise will entail! One bit of information that the report does drop about the next film is that it will unlikely be another prequel. 

Even though James Wan has remained a producer on the franchise over the course of the four films, it would be cool to see him come back to direct another one. I doubt it will happen, but ya never know. Adam Robitel directed the last movie and he did such a great job that maybe the studio will bring him back for another one. We'll just have to wait and see, but I'd be cool will that.

Where would you like to see the Insidious franchise go next?

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