Intense Rogue Artificial Intelligence Short - I.R.I.S.

We have another astounding sci-fi short film for you to watch from director Hasraf HaZ Dulull. This is this same filmmaker who developed the short films Sync and Project Kronos. This guy is on fire, and I've enjoyed all of the shorts that he has made. His latest project is called "I.R.I.S." It's set in the near future, and deals with a artificial intelligence that goes rouge. Here is a brief plot summary:

Nano tech driven drones are used for reconnaissance missions and social surveillance. These drones are run by IRIS, an advanced A.I system, which soon begins to unleash an attack upon mankind the likes of which we have never seen.

"I.R.I.S." features a great, big idea concept that could easily be adapted into a feature film. The idea is amazingly executed in his short, and it's wildly intense. I think you're going to enjoy this!

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