Intense Trailer for Marvel's JESSICA JONES Season 3 - "You Are Not and Never Will Be a Hero"

Netflix has released the full trailer for Jessica Jones Season 3, and it looks like this final season will be the best of the series! I’ve enjoyed the first two seasons of this show, especially Krysten Ritter’s performance, and this last chapter looks like it’s going to be a super intense one.

When talking about the series, creator and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg tells EW that Jones is trying to embrace the hero within her, but as you’ll see in the trailer, it’s not going to be easy:

“She’s trying to look forward and build a future for herself and really finally put these hero powers and objective to the test. She’s actually really stepped into the position that her mother had hoped for her. Her mother believed that she had a hero in her, and defined heroes as ‘somebody who gives a shit and does something about it.’

“She’s wildly uncomfortable with being seen that way, and yet because she has been actively trying to actually help people and trying to be a hero, people are for sure seeing her that way So, it’s actually a very funny and interesting dynamic.”

When the new season kicks off, Jones and her friend Trish (Rachael Taylor) are estranged. After all, Jones did end up killing her mom. But the two characters find themselves on a similar journey as Trish now has her own abilities to put to use, and she is also trying to become a hero. When talking about her story arc, Rosenberg says:

“This is the fulfillment of Trish’s dream, to have, finally, the physical power that she’s always longed [for]. What she’ll discover is that getting those powers doesn’t necessarily change her internal life as much as she had hoped. She still experiences fear, makes some questionable [decisions]. Trish has always seen things somewhat in black and white, and Jessica has always seen the shades of gray, so it’s interesting what choices they do make.”

As you might imagine, Jessica and Trish will end up joining forces in order to take down the big bad villain, Gregory Salinger (Jeremy Bobb), who is a ruthless serial killer:

“Salinger is a deeply scarred individual, and he just, by coincidence, crosses paths with Jessica. For him, everything about her offends him, [specifically] the fact that she’s got these powers not through hard work but through some other means. This is someone who has worked very hard himself. But he’s a very twisted dude.”

I’m looking forward to watching this final season of Jessica Jones. It looks like it’s gonna be good! Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think!

Jessica Jones Season 3 premieres on June 14th.

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