Intense Trailer For Netflix's Alternate History Polish Spy Thriller 1983

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Netflix has released the first trailer for a new series they’ve produced called 1983. The series is a polish spy thriller that follows “a group of rebels in search of the truth behind a deadly secret.”

This looks like it’s going to be a great and intense series. I’m a big fan of spy stories and this one has an interesting twist. The story is set in an alternate history where the Iron Curtain never fell. I like what I’m seeing in this trailer and I’ll definitely be checking this series out.

Here’s the full plot summary:

Following in the great tradition of Cold War spy thrillers, this alternative history series takes place in a world where the Iron Curtain never fell. Now, in 2002, twenty years after a devastating terrorist attack in 1982 that halted the course of Poland’s liberation and the subsequent downfall of the Soviet Union, an idealistic law student and a disgraced police investigator stumble upon a conspiracy that has kept the Iron Curtain standing and Poland living under a repressive police state.

After two decades of peace and prosperity, the leaders of the regime enact a secret plan that was made with an unlikely adversary in the 1980s that will radically transform Poland and affect the lives of every citizen in the nation — and the world. What these two men discover has the potential to ignite a popular revolution and those in power will stop at nothing to keep it a secret.

The series was directed by Agnieszka Holland and Kasia Adamik and the series will consist of eight episodes.

1983 will be available to stream on Netflix November 30th.

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