Intense Trailer for the Chilean Miner Movie - THE 33

The first trailer has been released for The 33, which is based on the true life events of the 33 miners who were trapped in a mine in Copiapó Chile five years ago. A lot of people were glued to the TV, waiting to see what would happen to these poor guys, and now we get to live it all over again in the form of a movie. 

The story is set over the course of the 69 days that the men were waiting to be rescued while they sat 2,300 feet underground. It shows what is happening both above and below the ground. 

The movie features a solid cast of actors that includes Antonio Banderas, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Juan Pablo Raba. They play the miners Mario Sepúlveda, Luis Urzua, and Darío Segovia, respectively. It also stars Rodrigo Santoro as the Chilean Minister of Mining, Laurence Golborne; Gabriel Byrne as the engineer who leads the rescue mission, Andre Sougarret; and Juliette Binoche plays María Segovia, the sister of Darío. 

The film was directed by Patricia Riggen, and even though we already know the outcome of the story, it still looks like there’s going to be enough drama and tension to keep audiences on the edge of their seat.

There’s no U.S. release date yet, but it will open up in Chile on August 6th.

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