Interesting '90s George Lucas Interview on All Things STAR WARS

Star Wars is about to get a major overhaul by Lucasfilm, Disney, and J.J. Abrams. I have no doubt that it's going to be everything that fans are going to want to see. While we wait, let's take a little trip back to the mid '90s, right before the Special Edition versions of the original Star Wars movies were released. George Lucas sits down with Leonard Maltin for a lengthy interview in which they talk about the three films’ VHS releases. He also talks about writing the prequel films, shares some interesting information on the relationship between Ewoks and Wookiees in Return of the Jedi, and discusses a lot more that any fan is sure to find interesting. 

In Part 1, Lucas talks about the evolution of the Star Wars script, the casting process, and the challenges of making this ground-breaking movie.

In Part 2, Lucas talks about the genesis of the story for the Empire Strikes Back, the creation of Yoda, and his collaboration with composer John Williams.

In Part 3, Lucas discusses Return of the Jedi and the creation of the Ewoks and Jabba the Hutt. He also talks about the back story for the original trilogy becoming the basis of the prequel trilogy.

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