INTERSTELLAR Advanced 70mm Film Screenings and Featurette With Physicist Kip Thorne

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar will be released two days early  — on November 5th — in 70mm format across 240 theaters and select 70mm IMAX theaters. I had no idea that there are still so many 70mm theaters left, as it seems like every theater I've gone to in the last 5 years has been digital (including IMAX). Nolan, a proponent of film both as a shooting and presentation format, is really flexing his studio clout with these screening. There will also be 35mm screening, but for me it's 70mm all the way.

We also have a featurette with physicist Kip Thorne, who consulted on Interstellar.

Interstellar opens in film formats November 5th and in digital theaters November 7th.

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