Is an All Female Spiderverse Movie Being Developed at Sony?

We still have yet to see what Sony Pictures plans on doing with Spider-Man. We've heard rumors that the character will possibly be rebooted yet again with Sinister Six as a Dirty Dozen kind of story. We've also heard that Marvel might be in negotiations with the studio to introduce Spider-Man into the Marvel cinematic universe. Who knows what's really going on with Spider-Man at this point other than those who are directly involved with making things happen?

We've got another rumor to add to the pile today that comes from Badass Digest, who is a trusted site, but we will still consider what you are about to read a rumor.

According to the report, the studio is looking to build a new Spiderverse based on an original concept that doesn't come from the comic books. It involves a team-up of several female characters from the Spider-Man universe, and the project is being developed under the name Glass Ceiling.

We heard that Sony has plans for a female Spidey character to get her own movie, but what if the plans were for all the female Spidey characters to come together in one movie? That's the premise of the project they're calling Glass Ceiling (likely not the actual title) - a team-up movie that would bring the female Spidey characters together. 

There are no specifics to report, but there are a lot of female characters in the Spider-Man universe that could be used in a project like this. Just a few of those could include Spider-Girl, Black Cat, Silver Sable, Silk, and Firestar.

It seems like Sony Pictures is throwing around all kinds of Spider-Man ideas right now. Marvel has a Spiderverse comic book series event coming out that brings together every iteration of Spider-Man, and I could see something like that being what sparked an idea like this. I'm sure there's some truth to this rumor, and it will be interesting to see if anything comes of it. What do you think about the possibility of an all female Spiderverse movie?

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