Is Josh Gad Teasing That He's Been Cast as The Penguin in New Batman Film?

Josh Gad recently posted a piece of comic book art up on his Twitter feed of The Penguin, who as you know is a classic Batman villain. Now the fans are trying to figure out what it means. Is he teasing that he's been cast in the role for director Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman film? Is he up for the role? Or is he just screwing around with fans?

Gad comes off as being a jokester and he could very well just be screwing around with the fans. He knew the internet would go ape-shit on this. There is an interesting piece of evidence to note, though. Several executives at DC Entertainment like John Berg and Geoff Johns started following Gad on Twitter over the last few months. Could it mean something?! I don't know!

That being said, I think Gad would be a perfect actor to take on the role of Penguin! If Reeves or anyone else is looking to cast Oswald Cobblepot in an upcoming WB film, Gad could step right into the role and be great in it. It'll be interesting to see if this actually turns out to be something. 

I'm guessing he's just messing around with fans. What do you think?

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