Is Legendary Pictures Developing a NAMOR Film for 2016?

Yesterday, Universal Pictures revealed that they have scheduled Friday, November 4th, 2016, for a secret tentpole film that is being co-financed with Legendary Pictures. They didn't reveal what it was, but thanks to Latino-Review we have an idea of what it could be.

The only information offered in the initial report was that it's "new and not a sequel or remake, though it may be based on underlying intellectual property"

So what could the intellectual property be? Marvel movies are huge right now. Every studio that owns a Marvel property is cashing in on it. It turns out, Universal Pictures actually owns the rights to Namor, and it was confirmed by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige last year. 

It's just one of those things where you connect the dots and see everything take shape, and you get a big picture of Namor that you get to color in afterwards. When Latino-Review reached out to the studio for confirmation they were met with a "no comment." But, they didn't deny it either!

I really don't know much about Namor. I never got into that comic because he wasn't an interesting character to me. I have no idea if I'd even be excited about the antihero. I guess I'd have to wait to see a trailer or something. 

What I can tell you is that Namor made his debut in 1939, and he was created by writer-artist Bill Everett. He's also known as Sub-Mariner, the ruler of undersea Atlantis, and is the offspring of a sea captain and an Atlantean princess. Over the years he has been both a hero and a villain to the surface world.

The report then adds that Aquaman will be "an integral part" of the Justice League movie being developed at Warner Bros. Maybe Universal and Marvel want to get the jump the WB when it comes to underwater superheroes. Aquaman was basically a ripoff on Namor in the first place.

Then yesterday, a rumor hit that Zac Efron was being considered for a Marvel film. He currently has a hit movie at Universal with Neighbors and he's got the sculpted superhero body. I guess there's always a chance that he could be up for the role of Namor. 

Who knows, at this point. This is all just speculation and rumor at the moment, but it also makes sense. Would you be excited about seeing Legendary Pictures make a Namor movie? 

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