Is Marvel Developing CAPTAIN BRITAIN as a TV Series!?

This bit of info kind of took me by surprise, but it appears that another big name in the Marvel universe will be getting his own TV show, if you believe the rumors. 

Poster artist Ciara McAvoy recently sent out tweet that dropped an information bombshell:

Followed by this one:

She sounds pretty confident in her info, and if she is to be believed, Marvel is looking to expand their television properties in an awesome way. 

Captain Britain, aka Brian Braddock, is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. He was originally intended to be Captain America’s British equivalent. I am sure they are going to go into his origin story in which he is granted his powers by effing Merlin of all people.

I am stoked that the show might be in the works, but it leaves a big hole in my heart knowing that Marvel doesn’t have the rights to certain mutants because Excalibur is one of my favorite comic books of all time. As soon as I read the first issue and I was hooked.  

Do you think that this a project worthy of getting a TV show? What other heroes do you think Marvel should look into bringing to the small screen?

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