Is Robert Pattinson Going To Be The Next Indiana Jones?

This vicious little rumor was started by the UK rag Daily Star recently and it has become an internet wildfire. They don’t reveal their source, but the site says that they have an inside man in Disney who says there is a short list of who will be taking over for Harrison Ford and that Robert Pattinson is at the top of the list.

I know that there is going to be a huge backlash that comes with this rumor, and that is expected because he does not fit the archetype for the role. However, if they are going to recast the role, who would you choose? In my opinion, as long as it is not Shia LaBeouf or Hayden Christensen the movie will have a shot.

Most will argue that he is unfit for the role since he starred in the Twilight saga. That is an invalid argument because Twilight was an awful series and I am sure that he did it just for the paycheck. Pattinson has shown he has some acting chops outside of the Twilight franchise. I felt he did a good job in movies like Remember Me and Water for Elephants. For his role in the upcoming film The Rover, Pattinson looks to have strayed far away from his role as Edward Cullen. Based on that, I won’t be too mad if they do end up casting him in the role. What sets Indiana Jones apart from the average action protagonist is that he is more brains than brawn, more 007 than Terminator. He's a thinking man’s hero. With that in mind, I feel that they could do a lot worse than Pattinson.

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