ISS Astronauts Are Getting A Space Screening Of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI

As folks gather by the masses to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi over the next couple weeks, only a select few will get the privilege of seeing it in space. It has been confirmed by Disney and NASA that a screening of the film will be sent into space for astronauts to enjoy:

I'm not exactly sure I'd want to watch a film that features ships exploding in space, but then again I would be pretty salty if I was missing out on a Star Wars film while I was in space so I'm sure there are plenty of people on board psyched about it. Apparently, movie screenings at the ISS aren't an uncommon thing according to Engadget and that astronauts have around 500 films to stream on board. I guess floating around in space would get boring after a long time up there, so it's good to know they have ways of keeping occupied! Let's hope they don't beam down any spoilers! 

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