It Blows My Mind That This Thor Cosplay Photo Passed as a THOR: RAGNAROK BTS Photo! It's Mass Hysteria!

A few days ago we posted the above photo of Thor fighting a Zombie, as did almost every other freakin' entertainment and geek website on the internet. The photo originated at this Twitter account, and a bunch of websites picked up on it and started running it as being a behind-the-scenes photo from Marvel's upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

The thing is... this is not a BTS photo from Thor: Ragnarok! This is actually a photo of two cosplayers that was taken at a convention! When it was first brought to my attention I didn't believe it, but when I started doing some research I found that it is, in fact, a couple of cosplayers! Check out the actual photo here without the "green screen".

I just think it's amazing and funny how crazy of a place the internet can be! A bunch of websites throw a series of real BTS photos from Thor: Ragnarok and then add this one to the mix and no one is really going to notice it. People, like myself, just see a cool image of Thor fighting a zombie in front of a green screen and the brain just gets overexcited. It doesn't notice the obvious details in the photo, like Thor's cheap-ass wrist gauntlets! 

No joke, I treated myself to a palm to the face and laughed. I'm surprised that no one else has noticed! I've visited a ton of sites that posted this image over the past couple of days and all of them believe that it's a legitimate photo, just like I did at first. 

This seems like a perfect example of geek mass hysteria! We're just all so stupid excited about Thor: Ragnarok that now we can't tell the different between real Thor and cosplay Thor. I've gotta say, though, this cosplayer looks a hell of a lot like Chris Hemsworth! I'm surprised that director Taika Waititi hasn't called the internet out on this and made some funny jokes about it yet.

Just another day on the internet!

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