IT FOLLOWS Director Responds to Quentin Tarantino's Criticisms

Earlier this week, director Quentin Tarantino shared his thoughts on writer and director David Robert Mitchell's horror film It Follows and explained how he would have made it better. I personally thought that Tarantino was right in his assessment when he said, “It’s one of those movies that’s so good you get mad at it for not being great.” If you haven't read Tarantino's full rant about the movie, make sure to click here to check it out. 

The director of the horror film has since responded to Tarantino's criticisms on Twitter, saying:

I imagine a lot of fans thought Mitchell was taking a shot at Tarantino. Then earlier this morning he posted this:

I assume this latest tweet is damage control from his first playful tweet that people may not have read as being playful. 

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