It Sounds Like a Sequel to WARCRAFT Is Coming

Thanks to China, Duncan Jones’ epic fantasy film Warcraft made over $422 million dollars worldwide. The movie bombed in the U.S., only making $46 million, which is ridiculous to me because I thought the movie was great, but I’m obviously in the minority. 

Regardless of the film’s failure in the U.S., the movie has made enough money to warrant a sequel. According to the official Chinese social media account for the film, a sequel to Warcraft is being planned. 

On the Chinese microblogging website Weibo, the official social media account of the movie said:

“Warcraft’s theatrical run is coming to an end. But the chapter of a new decade has just begun. It’s a starting point, not an end point. We don’t say goodbye now because we’ll meet you again!”

That’s awesome news for anyone who was a fan of the first! I know Jones has a trilogy planned out, and I hope he is able to follow through with the story to the end. In regards to where his trilogy is headed, the director previously told us:

“You don’t make films this big and not hope that you’re going to get the chance to make maybe one or two more. I know Chris Metzen, who works at Blizzard and myself have talked about, if we have the chance to make a trilogy, what would story be? And what we set up in this film, I think, I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by saying… The Orcs had a home, they lost their home. Duratan, who’s chieftain of the Frost Worlds has tried to bring his people somewhere to give them a new home. At the end of this movie they don’t quite have that new home yet. I would hope by the end of the trilogy we know where the Orcs are going to live.”

Warcraft has obviously found their audience in fans of the game. It just doesn’t seem like general audiences could really get into it, and that was my fear from the beginning, that the fantasy elements in the film were just way too heavy. But it wouldn’t be a proper Warcraft movie without them.

I’m just happy to see that it looks like there’s a good chance we’ll get to see the second chapter of the story.

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