It's Shakespeare v. Shatner in Delightful Short ACTION BILL

Check out “Action Bill,” a charming LEGO stop-motion animated short. LEGO William Shakespeare is trying to break through his writer’s block in a charming Tudor playset. Suddenly, William Shatner descends in a mech suit, desperate for revenge against the Bard. He has his reasons, and they are hilarious. Our hero seems outmatched when help arrives in the form of… Actually, I’ll let that be a surprise, because it is just too perfect to spoil. The short is full of small, witty details, and it’s only about 4 minutes, so watch it right now.

"Action Bill" was directed by Gareth Witte and produced by Dustin Butler and Rachel James. It was written by Kenneth Haney, Witte, Butler, and James.

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