"It's The Apocalypse Charlie Brown!" - Gritty Fan Art

Here's an awesome piece of Charlie Brown fan art that features the character all grown up with his dog Snoopy as they are making their way through an apocalyptic world that they are forced to survive. The piece was created by three artists: The colors were done by Sean Ellery, the pencils by Max Dunbar, and the inks by Vitali Iakovlev.

The illustration is called "It's the Apocalypse Charlie Brown!" And here's a fun little story to go along with the image:

Ever since Lucy had finally gone too far in her quest for power and launched the nuclear apocalypse, Charlie Brown had roamed the wastes watching his Peanuts gang being whittled down one by one until only he and his faithful beagle; Snoopy IV were left.... But he would never give up, never. Not until he found the little red haired girl.
She was out there... somewhere...
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