Jack Black Reteaming With NACHO LIBRE Director For Comedy MICRONATIONS

There was a time in the mid-2000s when it seemed as if Jack Black was on top of the world. He's since dropped out of the spotlight considerably, but he appears to be making a bit of a resurgence. He's starring in The D-Train (in limited theaters now), he has Goosebumps on the way, a new show called The Brink on HBO debuting soon, and now he's reteaming with the director of Nacho Libre for a new comedy called Micronations.

Jared Hess will direct a screenplay written by New Girl writers Robert Snow and Christian Magalhaes, and the story centers on the strange trend of people starting their own countries in their backyards.

In MICRONATIONS, a lovable oddball finds a place to belong among the bizarre and ridiculous world of "do-it-yourself countries," inhabited by a motley crew of eccentrics and visionaries who have declared their own backyards sovereign nations...or "micronations." He soon finds himself recruited as Head of Defense for the tiny nation of Valoria (population: 12), and is thrust into an overblown battle with neighboring nation, Wayne County, Nevada.

As others have pointed out, this might mean that Hess is no longer in the picture when it comes to Sony's new Spider-Man film. He was on a list of potential candidates for the directing gig, but this announcement could mean that he's either chosen to remove himself from that list or the studio has chosen someone else. We'll soon find out who will ultimately direct Spider-Man, but with Micronations on his plate, it seems like it won't be Jared Hess.