Jack Huston in the Running for DOCTOR STRANGE?

Boardwalk Empire star Jack Huston was one of the actors up for the role of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy before Chris Pratt landed it. But, according to the site This Is Infamous, Huston is now in the running for Doctor Strange

According to the site, "out of all the properties that have been incorporated into Marvel’s big screen model, Doctor Strange is Feige’s baby, and he is handling this project with care to make sure it is about as close to perfect as possible. As a result, him and director Scott Derrickson have been kicking over a lot of rocks, seeing what they may turn up as they look for the ideal candidate."

They go on to say that the studio is very close to choosing their leading man, and Huston is definitely a great actor to throw in the pool of other actors that have included Jared Leto, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy, Edgar Ramirez, and Joaquin Phoenix. If the rumor of Huston being involved is true, he is a late entry into the process, and as we've seen in the past from Marvel, those late entries have a good chance of being cast. Both Chris Pratt and Chris Evans were thrown into the mix as major contenders in the last moments of casting.

I actually really like the idea of Huston playing Strange, he's got the look and the acting chops. He's also not that big of an actor yet so they can get him on the cheap, and explode his career. There are a lot of great actors in the running though and whoever Marvel brings on in the end is going to be the guy they feel who can perfectly portray the character. The studio has done a great job so far casting their films so I trust their judgement. 

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