Jackie Chan is a Lion-Driving Archaeologist in Wild Trailer For KUNG FU YOGA

If you read that headline and wondered what I meant by a "lion-driving archaeologist," let me assure you it's exactly what it sounds like. In a new movie called Kung Fu Yoga, martial arts legend Jackie Chan plays China's best archaeologist, who goes on a crazy treasure hunt and at one point ends up driving a car with a freakin' lion in the backseat of it. (It's very likely a digital lion, but still. The dude is 62 years old, so cut him some slack.) Chan teams up with a roguish young treasure-seeker to retrieve an artifact called the Shiva Eye from a greedy baddie, and needless to say, this movie looks pretty bonkers. Check out the trailer for yourselves below.

Kung Fu Yoga hits Chinese theaters on January 28, but doesn't have a U.S. release date yet.

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