Jackie Earle Haley Set to Play the Villain in THE TICK and THE DARK TOWER

Jackie Earle Haley has just landed a couple awesome acting gigs for two exciting upcoming projects.

First! He's been cast in the role of one of the main villains in the upcoming series reboot of The Tick. Haley will play The Terror, a powerful super villain and the leader of the evil league in the comics. He is described as "our world’s epitome of the criminal mastermind, a hooded ancient villain barking at his minions whose incredible will power and tenacity have powered an underworld syndicate for decades." Haley is going to be freakin' great in the role! It's perfect casting.

The Tick creator Ben Edlund is developing the series and "is bringing back the eponymous muscle-bound, antennae-sporting superhero (Peter Serafinowicz). In the new incarnation, the blue-suited Tick is recovering from a memory loss and ends up reteaming with his sidekick Arthur (Griffin Newman) to fight evil."

I also have a bonus bit of news for you! The actor is also in negotiations to co-star alongside Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey in The Dark Tower movie that is currently shooting. He will be playing the character Richard Sayre. This character doesn't even show up until book number five, so the filmmakers are obviously really mixing things up for this first film. He plays a very pivotal role in the final three books of the series.

The character also has crossed over with a few of Stephen King's other stories. He interacts directly with Father Callahan, who first appeared in King's Salem's Lot. Sayre is also a Low man a.k.a. Can-Toi, who are in the story Hearts in Atlantis. It will be interesting to see how they use this character in the movie because it seems like they are already changing so many things up.

Haley has been keeping pretty busy since he starred in Zack Snyder's Watchmen. He is currently a recurring character on the AMC series Preacher as the character Odin Quincannon.

Source: Deadline

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