Jackie Earle Haley Will Play a Villain in AMC’s PREACHER

Watchmen star Jackie Earle Haley has been perfectly cast in the role of the villainous role of Odin Quincannon in AMC's upcoming Preacher series. The character will have a six episode story arc in the series. Here's a description:

Haley's Odin is described as a small, decrepit man with the unscrupulous iron will necessary to be the most powerful man in Annville County, Texas. The chief employer in town, Odin runs Quincannon Meat & Power, a 125-year-old family run cattle slaughterhouse business.

Odin is a member of the local KKK branch in the comic book and he doesn't get along with the main character of the story, Reverand Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), at all. Odin is an incredibly twisted character and at one point (potential spoiler alert) Jesse finds him having sex with a mannequin made out of meat. Haley is a great actor and there's no doubt he's going to bring this character to life in a creepy-ass way that will make fans happy.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are bringing Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's comic to life and they are even directing the pilot episode. Here's the synopsis:

Preacher follows Reverend Jesse Custer, a tough Texas preacher who has lost his faith, and has learned that God has left Heaven and abandoned his responsibilities. He finds himself the only person capable of tracking God down, demanding answers, and making him answer for his dereliction of duty. Accompanying Jesse on his journey is his former girlfriend and a friendly vampire who seems to prefer a pint in the pub to the blood of the innocent. On his tail is one of the most iconic bad guys in print – an immortal, unstoppable killing machine named the Saint of Killers —a western lone gunman archetype whose sole purpose is to hunt and kill Jesse.

The series is will be released sometime in mid-2016, but it will make its world premiere at this year's SXSW festival.

Source: THR

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