Jacob Tremblay is Terrifying in Trailer For SHUT IN

Well, there goes any notion I had that Room star Jacob Tremblay is cute. Naomi Watts and Charlie Heaton are also in tow for Shut In, a story about a desperate mother and an evil child. When her son is put into a vegetative state after a car accident that also kills her husband, a child psychologist adopts a foster child who is presumably evil. 

Really we can't be sure of anything watching the trailer as it seems there's more going on here than meets the eye in this supernatural thriller! I will say this movie really set itself up for success with its casting line-up. To get America's cutest child actor to play something scary and the perturbed teen from Stranger Things in the same movie?! Plus Naomi Watts, but you know...she's always a big deal. 

I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. Provided they don't go the way with the plot that I think they could go, I believe this one will be a big box office seller. Watch the trailer (via USA TODAY) and watch out for it in theaters November 11th. 

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