James Franco Hilariously Answering THE DISASTER ARTIST Billboard Phone Number


James Franco's tribute film, The Disaster Artist, to the best worst movie ever made, The Room is in limited release right now. The film is in many ways a classic Hollywood story about never giving up and following your dreams. The film will get a wide release this weekend, and I highly recommend you see it, but you don't have to take my word for it.

Not only does Franco star in the film, he also directed it, much like the main character did in real life. Franco plays Tommy Wiseau, the eccentric creative force behind The Room. As part of film's marketing campaign, they recreated a billboard that is a complete copy of the actual billboard Wiseau had on display in Los Angeles years ago, the sign even had a phone number on it that Tommy himself used to answer. But now on this new one, James Franco is answering calls in-character and the film's official Twitter profile has been sharing some of the hilarious conversations. You can listen to them below.

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