James Franco Rumored to Appear in ALIEN: COVENANT

There's an interesting rumor that started over at AvPGalaxy. They claim to have knowledge that James Franco will appear in Ridley Scott's highly anticipated film Alien: Covenant.

According to the report, Franco will play a character named Branson, who is the captain of the Covenant and husband of Katherine Waterson’s Daniels. It's said that his appearance will be brief and that he will only be in the first ten minutes of the film and will have small reappearances later on.

There are no details given as to what happens to the character, but he is said to also be appearing in some upcoming viral footage that will be released. I speculate that Franco will play a main role in kicking off the story before he is killed. I also think those appearances that he's supposed to make later on in the film will most likely be video journal type footage with information that will shed some light on a main plot point of the film.

That's just me speculating, but it's a formula in storytelling that we've seen time and time again in films over the years. Film history also shows that Franco wouldn't be the first big star to be killed off in the first ten minutes of film!

Alien: Covenant hits theaters on May 19, 2017.

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