James Gunn Names Two FANTASTIC FOUR Characters He'd Want To See in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Sequels

Fans thought it was impossible that we'd ever see Spider-Man join Marvel Studios' Cinematic Universe because that character was licensed out by Sony Pictures, but enough things eventually fell into place for that deal to come through, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that it might happen again.

Writer/director James Gunn — who is very active on Facebook — recently recorded a video in which he revealed two Fantastic Four character he'd want to play with in Guardians of the Galaxy sequels:

I probably wouldn’t add Ben Grimm to the Guardians team even if they were a part of the MCU. And of course I would love the FF to be a part of the MCU…Fox owns so many great villains and cosmic characters I would love to play around with including Annihilus — and I think they own Kang.

So who are Annihilus and Kang? Annihilus is an insect-looking winged ruler who brandishes a Cosmic Control Rod and apparently rivals Thanos in strength. He also possesses speed, stamina, durability, and agility, which makes him a nightmare for heroes like the Fantastic Four.

Kang the Conqueror is a power-hungry time traveller who has a complicated history, but over the years he's faced off against the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. The time travel aspect would cause a ton of headaches in the MCU, so if either of these were to appear in a Marvel Studios movie, it seems more likely it'd be Annihilus.

It's improbable that these two studios would agree to share characters in their movies any time soon, but since last year's Fantastic Four movie was such a big disappointment for Fox, I suppose anything could happen.

Via: /Film

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