James Gunn on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY - Thanos, Rocket, and Filming


Director James Gunn recently showed up as a guest on Pointless Podcast to talk about his highly anticipated Marvel Film, Guardians of the Galaxy. He discussed Rocket Raccoon, Vin Diesel's "I am Groot" delivery, shooting an overhead scene with Peter Quill, the villain Thanos' motive, and much more. 

When talking about Rocket Raccoon this is what he had to say,

"Rocket is a result of countless and cruel, illegal genetic experiments, where he's been turned--from an innocent little creature, where he has an IQ of three, and he becomes this thing that's completely alone; this gnarled little beast. He's pretty sad."

He then moved on to Groot,

"All of the 'I am Groot' that were earlier voices didn't sound very good at all, they sounded like shit. It just didn't work. Then Vin Diesel came in and, in one day, lied [sic] down all these 'I am Groot' tracks, and he's a perfectionist. He made me explain to him exactly what (Groot) was saying (before each delivery)." 

Gunn went on to explain that both Diesel and Bradley Cooper were videotaped for reference while doing voice work. Those characters are going to be awesome in this movie.

The director also talked about shooting the film, saying that it was a better filming experience than his last two films, Slither and Super. He went into a little more detail on a scene that he shot involving Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord.

"There's one shot that I'm thinking of; the characters are imprisoned early on in the movie and there's this overhead shot of Peter Quill and he's sleeping on the floor in what we call the 'Locked Up Abroad' shot. It's Quill surrounded on the floor with all these different aliens, disgusting, they're all sleeping, packed together like sardines. It was just a really beautiful shot and we have it overhead completely with the camera slightly revolving as he's sitting there wide awake and all these gross aliens are asleep around him. I was able to take time and compose the shot in the same way you would design a painting, and changing little guys. It wasn't like it took an extraordinary time to do it, but we took some time at doing and that was something that I'd had really never been able to do in my entire career." 

The director was then asked about the Infinity Gauntlet and the role of Thanos in the cinematic universe. Here's what the director said,

"Here's the thing, truthfully the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes out of both the 616 and Ultimate Marvel Comics universe, and then they recreate some elements themselves. What Thanos wants in the comics is not necessarily what Thanos wants in the movies; we don't know yet."

This movie is going to be amazing. I absolutely loved what I saw in the trailer, and I can only imagine the movie as a whole will be even better! The film comes out on August 1st, and I think audiences are going to love what's in store for them!

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