James Gunn on Star-Lord's Father and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2

One of the big questions that fans were left with at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy was, who is Star-Lord's dad?! The movie offered us a few hints about the character, like that fact that he hired Yondu to take Peter Quill from earth and bring him to him. It was also revealed by Quill's mom that he was like an angel composed of light. 

In a recent interview with Empire, director James Gunn opened up a little bit about Quill's father, and the first thing you need to know is that "It’s definitely not the character who it is in the comics." In the comics, his dad is J’Son, King of Spartax. So who is he in the cinematic universe? Gunn isn't going to tell you, but he does talk about him.

"There have been a lot of documents passed around about who Peter Quill’s father is between a select two or three of us. That’s been part of the plan since the beginning, that’s something I had to work out before we shot the screenplay. We wanted to make sure Yondu’s place in everything made sense and it does, so it’s all very specific stuff."

According to that statement, Yondu's place in the story and how it's told must have a pretty big part on who the dad is. It's going to be really interesting to see how these stories tie in with each other. In a separate interview with IGN, Kevin Feige says Quill's dad will play a part in the sequel,

“I think that would certainly be part of a next Guardians adventure. Certainly, that would be part of it.”

It's hard for me to even speculate who it could be, but I'm excited to find out! Feel free to speculate on who you think it could be! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Gunn was also asked about Thanos and if he will show up in the sequel as well. To that he replied,

"He will show up [in the sequel] if he helps our story and he will not show up at all if not. Thanos is not the most important thing in Guardians 2, that’s for damn sure. There’s the Guardians themselves and other threats the Guardians are going to be facing that are not Thanos.”

So there ya have it! Even if Thanos is in the sequel, he isn't even going to be that big of an issue.

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