James Gunn Unveils All of Nathan Fillion’s Simon Williams Movie Posters From GUARDIANS VOL. 2

There was originally a scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 set on Earth that featured a Simon Williams Film Festival. There were a bunch of fake movie posters designed for this scene that featured Nathan Fillion as actor Simon Williams, who is also the hero Wonder Man in the comics. The scene ended up being cut from the film because it didn't work with the flow of the film. 

We already saw one poster that featured the character in a Tony Stark biopic, but now we have a whole collection of fake movie posters to share with you thanks to director James Gunn! My favorite is of Toxic Janitor 2, which is a parody of The Toxic Avenger. There's a fun bit of trivia behind that as The Toxic Avenger was produced by Troma, which is the little studio that gave Gunn his start in filmmaking.

The other posters in the series include Arkon, which was inspired by Conan the Barbarian; Oh, Rebecca!, which looks like a silly romantic comedy; Dead Before Arrival, which looks like some kind of action thriller directed by Christopher Nolan; and then there's Haxan 2, which looks like some kind of horror thriller.

Check out the the rest of the posters below!

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