James Gunn with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY's Cosmo

Anyone who saw Guardians of the Galaxy probably laughed a little when they saw the astronaut dog in the Collector’s display room on Knowhere. The totally uneducated may have thought, “An astronaut dog! That’s weird.” Those who know world history but not Marvel history may have thought (and by may have, I mean I totally did), “He has that dog the Russians sent into space! That’s pretty good…” But those among us with more than superficial awareness of Marvel Comics knew that was Cosmo, head of security on Knowhere, and an antagonist of Rocket Raccoon.

In the movie he was played by a real dog, and in honor of National Dog Day yesterday, director James Gunn tweeted a photo of himself with the telepathic, talking space dog. A lot of fans are hoping he turns up again in the sequel. He did recently join the Guardians in the comics, after all…

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