James McAvoy Says He’d Be Up for More X-MEN Movies

It seems like 20th Century Fox would be able to get the whole mutant gang back together for another X-Men film if they wanted to. A couple weeks ago we learned that Jennifer Lawrence was “dying” to do more X-Men films. This surprised a lot of fans because they thought they she wanted out. Well, that’s obviously not the case, and she's not the only member of the team who is up for more. While talking to the French outlet L’internaute, James McAvoy addressed it, saying:

"Yeah, I’ve heard… people have said she’s not into it, stuff like that. She’s always said to me that she would think about it. So yeah, that sounds great. I hope she does, because I love working with Jennifer. You know, we’ve been like an extended sort of family, in a weird way, for six or seven years now. Every two years, we get back together and hang out making a movie, then in six months’ time or a year’s time, we all go on the road promoting it, and we see each other again. I’d be really said not to see her every couple of years.”

It sounds to me like McAvoy plans on making more X-Men movies. When asked if he would return to the franchise to make more films he said:

“If they want me to, I’ll do more, yeah.”

Let's be honest, these X-Men films wouldn’t really be X-Men films without Professor X, and McAvoy has done a helluva job in the role. 

X-Men: Apocalypse will be the end of the trilogy that started with First Class. It will introduce several new classic X-Men characters and set them up for a whole new series of adventures. Lawrence, McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Nicholas Hoult are all up for contract renegotiations after Apocalypse, so if the studio wants them back they’ll have to shell out some serious cash. 

The fans seem to love these characters, and the franchise has been successful, though, so it would make sense for the studio to work something out with them.

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