James Wan is Developing a Remake of ARACHNOPHOBIA For Amblin

James Wan (The Conjuring, Insidious, Aquaman) is teaming up with Amblin to develop a remake of the classic 1990 horror comedy Arachnophobia. The Frank Marshall-directed film, in all seriousness, gave me a fear of spiders for years! A fear I only recently got over a few years ago. Why? Because I lived in a place where I was constantly killing spiders! In the years I lived there, I went from freaking out over everytime I saw one, to badass spider destroyer with no fear.

The original film follows a species of South American killer spider that crosses the U.S. border into a small town in a coffin. The spider breeds and they end up spreading all over the town killing a ton of people! Jeff Daniels and John Goodman starred in the original, and they had to track down and kill the queen to stop the horrific spider madness. 

I imagine that the story will be similar, but with a modern-day setting. According to Deadline, Wan will not direct. He will produce the film through his Atomic Monster production company. With Wan behind the movie, maybe this remake will scare the fear of spiders back into me!

Do you remember the first movie? What do you think of Wan producing a remake? 

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