James Wan is Set to Produce a New Horror Film Called SWEET TOOTH


James Wan is set to produce a new horror thriller for New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. called Sweet Tooth. The movie is based on a Dutch short horror film of the same name and it will be directed by Dutch filmmaker Nico van den Brink, who also wrote and directed the short.

The story centers on a woman "who comes home to her large apartment tenement. Watching the news, she discovers that her neighbors — a mother and her two kids — have been killed, but then enters creep-zone territory when she begins to hear the laughter and running of the munchkins."

That sounds like it could be a fun and creepy horror flick! The short premiered in July at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival, but it has yet to be released online for people to watch.

New Line will hire a writer to come in and take the concept of the short film and flesh it out into a feature-length film. This is similar to what New Line did with the 2016 horror film Lights Out. They picked up the rights to the short and hired its director David F. Sandberg to helm the film with Wan overseeing the project. That one turned out great, so hopefully, we get another awesome horror movie with Sweet Tooth.

Source: THR

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