James Wan Says His AQUAMAN Will Be Cool, Badass, and Have Sea Monsters

Over the weekend Aquaman was introduced into the DC Extended Universe in Batman v Superman, and it was one of the most disappointing moments in the movie. We've heard a lot of talk about the character being a badass version of the character, but there was nothing badass about that intro. It was pretty lame compared to the other Justice League members.

Aquaman is being directed by James Wan, who showed up to WonderCon this weekend to talk about The Conjuring 2. I'm a huge fan of this director, and regardless of how the character was briefly portrayed in Batman v Superman, I am still excited to see what Wan does with him.

While talking to IGN at the convention, Wan opened up about what he is looking to do with the film and the character. Asked if the movie would have the same kind of dark tone as Batman v Superman Wan said:

"The kind of filmmaker that I am...even my darker horror films generally are still very fun and I think that's important for me and the kind of films I make.
"Aquaman is a character that a lot of people have made fun of over the years and I just think it's fun to actually show a really different, cool, badass side to this character, but at the same time, let's not forget to have fun with it." 

It will be interesting to see the kind of fun that Wan is planning to have with this character. In a separate interview with /Film, he teased that some of that fun might include sea monsters and creatures.

"I think, like most people, we are familiar with Aquaman.  We grew up reading or watching this character on the peripheral. I was never so in depth with Aquaman as, let’s say, I was with X-Men. I grew up loving X-Men, Spider-Man and Batman. Those are obviously the key big ones, but there’s always something kind of cool about Aquaman still, the idea of creating a huge world that is on our planet. That’s the thing about Aquaman that’s cool is he’s not an alien, right? He’s from our planet and he’s from a society that we’re not privy to in the context of the story. Isn’t it crazy to think that we’ve explored space more than we have explored the depths of our ocean? That just fires up my imagination about potential sea monsters and cool creatures, that kind of stuff."

It will be interesting to see what kind of sea monsters he actually brings into the mix. Geoff Johns' solo Aquaman comic featured The Trench, in which vicious sea creatures resided in a giant crack on the ocean floor. Some other creatures include Creature King, Deep Six, and King Shark.

I'm sure Jason Momoa's Aquaman will have a much stronger introduction in the upcoming movie. Wan is a talented guy, and I think he'll give fans something spectacular.  

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