Japanese Animator Trashes English Dub of SPACE DANDY on Twitter


You remember Space Dandy right? This show is Cartoon Network's big leap into the anime world. The high profile series in development is being run by the same team responsible for the massive hit Cowboy Bebop, and on Saturday it simultaneously premiered overseas and here in two different languages. Of course, as with any Japanese to English translation, there will always be some words that simply won't work, or culturally won't make sense to a Western audience. Usually these differences are dissected and criticized on message boards and threads, but it would appear there is some dissension among the ranks when a Japanese animator took to Twitter.


The tweets are now deleted, and there was no explanation as to what these changes may have been. For what it's worth, I thought the first episode was great and gave me the same feeling as watching Cowboy Bebop...with more color. For those who may have missed the first episode, check out this ten minute English subtitled segment leaked to the web last week.

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