Japanese Fans Share Their Opinion of Scarlett Johansson in GHOST IN THE SHELL

While there's an outcry over in the states over Scarlett Johansson being cast as the lead in Ghost in the Shell, Japanese fans don't really see the controversy! Obviously, this video could've been edited to show a bias, but it looks like very few Japanese understand why Americans don't want her in the role, and even make convincing arguments as to why she SHOULD be in the role.

What I found funny is the anime argument being used in reverse. Where I've heard "anime characters only appear white because America is predominantly white," they say "they chose a white person because it's an anime." They say it in the sense that anime characters don't look like typical people and in Japanese culture, they are the typical person. Actually pretty riveting culturally relevant stuff being said here.

Hats off to TJMY for doing this video! I was curious to the response from Japan, and now I have my answer!

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