Jason Biggs Won't Be In ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Season 3

I'm very spoiler-averse by nature, so I struggled with putting this information in a headline, but ultimately I think it's a small enough element that it won't ruin too much for anyone who hasn't fully caught up with the series yet. After the late-season developments of the second season of Orange is the New Black involving the romance of Jason Biggs' Larry and a certain other character that will remain nameless, it seemed pretty obvious that the show wouldn't be checking back in with him for a while. That storyline seems to have run its course, and Biggs himself told The New York Daily News that he won't be coming back for the third season.

“They’re not focusing on Larry at the moment. Larry will not be in season three. But there’s always a possibility he can come back.”

I think this is a smart move for the show. The supporting cast of female characters is so strong that it makes sense for the series to concentrate more heavily on them (and Piper's journey as well). Biggs is just a casualty of the show evolving and building on its previous success, and having just caught up with every episode, I'm very much looking forward to seeing how season three plays out later this year. What do you think? Will you miss Larry in season three?

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