Jason David Frank's Daughter May Be the Next Red Ranger

There’s a new Power Rangers rumor making the rounds and it’s not that absurd. The rumor says that Jenna Rae Frank, the daughter of the most famous Power Ranger, Jason David Frank, will be the next Red Ranger after Power Rangers: Beast Morphers. It’s very possible that the daughter of JDF could easily become a Ranger herself since she’s been active in his vlog My Morphin Life while also becoming trained in martial arts. That second part will especially be useful as a Power Ranger.

Many fans have been wanting another female Red Ranger since Lauren Shiba (played by Kimberley Crossman) in Super Samurai and Frank could be a great choice. Also, considering the relationship that her father is building with Hasbro, the possibility of Frank leading the first Hasbro helmed Power Rangers team is not hurt. I think it’d be great if they could establish her character as the daughter of Tommy Oliver and have him help pass the torch to the next generation of Power Rangers. Kind of like he did with Dino Thunder, but with him not having a major role in the series.

What do you think of this rumor? I know Beast Morphers is set to take up the next two years, so it may still be a little early to look at the next series.

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