Jason Momoa Talks About His Aquaman Costume in BATMAN V SUPERMAN

I've been in the same room with people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Dolph Lundgren, but that didn't give me the same primal sense of, "holy crap, this guy could snap me in half if he wanted to and there's literally nothing I could do about it" as I got when I was in a room with Jason Momoa. The dude is absolutely massive, and while I'm sure he has a more lighthearted side, he has a deadly serious face that would silence anyone who makes fun of Aquaman if they were within eyeshot.

As you know, Momoa will play the King of Atlantis in Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a site called The Robot's Voice got a quick interview with him at the Joshua Tree International Film Festival and asked him whether or not we'd see any traditional orange and green in his costume since the only image we've seen of him so far was a bit more hardcore than the traditional depiction of the character:

"Well, there might be some bit of orange and green. A bit of respect to prior work, but I think he is meaner now and upset – look at what has been done to our oceans. That’s his world that has been polluted."

It's unclear whether he'll wear multiple suits in the movie, or if the colors will appear in the costume we've already seen him wearing (maybe it was just desaturated to look more badass and will be a bit brighter in the film?). One thing's for sure: he won't have a very big role in Batman v Superman because there's so much other stuff going on, but he'll appear in the two-part Justice League movies shortly after that.

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