Jason Momoa to Play Aquaman in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE?

There's a big rumor that has hit the internet from a reputable source that claims Game of Thrones and Conan actor Jason Momoa is set to play Aquaman in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The news comes from Drew McWeeney of HitFix who doesn't screw around with this stuff. I believe he's one of those guys you can trust when it comes to this kind of news. He was the first to report the new Star Wars trilogy. Since the studio has yet to confirm, we'll treat it as a rumor for now. This is what he had to report:

"While Warner Bros. hasn't made that announcement officially yet, HitFix can confirm that he will be playing the part, and that Zack Snyder has already finalized his designs for the character so shooting can take place soon."

Momoa was asked back in March about the rumors of him being cast in a DC superhero film at Detroit Motor City Comic Con in which he responded:

“I think it started when people said ‘What superhero would you play?’ And I’d say Batman and Superman, they’d be awesome together. Then people were like, ‘He’s in 'Batman vs. Superman!’ I’m like, I really like Lobo. ‘HE’S LOBO!!’ And then some asshole was like ‘He’s Aquaman!' And I’m like — what did you just call me? Where the fuck do you pull out Aquaman? Seriously… And then it shows up on the Internet. Not that it’s a bad rumor."

Just because he completely denied it there doesn't mean it's not true. You know how directors and actors like to play games with the fans. Remember when Snyder denied up and down that Zod wasn't going to be in Man of Steel? Then there was J.J. Abrams who kept saying that Khan wasn't going to be in Star Trek Into Darkness. We all know how those turned out. 

This news could prove to be true or it could be false. Either way I'm sure one day Aquaman will see his day on the big screen, and I could easily see Momoa pulling it off. I know he's not the best actor in the world, but it's Aquaman, and Momoa seems like the kind of actor that could possibly pull it off. What do you think about the this rumor of Momoa taking on the role of Aquaman?

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