Jeff Goldblum Talks About The Post-Credit Scenes in THOR: RAGNAROK

In case you haven't heard, there are two post-credits scenes in Thor: Ragnarok. The first happens in the middle of the credits and the other happens at the very end. If you don't want to know what these end-credit entail, I won't spoiler it for you here, but I will spoil it for you below and so will Jeff Goldblum, who plays The Grandmaster in the film! 

The first post-credit scene is pretty vague and it teases Avengers: Infinity War. It features Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) as they are flying through space in a giant spacecraft that is headed to Earth and Loki is worried about what he will face when he gets there. Then, from out of nowhere, another gigantic spacecraft that dwarfs their ship appears in front of them and the scene ends. There's no resolution. 

I have no idea what it means! But, it is a villainous ship that isn't going to be good for anyone, especially Thor. In the first footage we saw from Avengers: Infinity War, Thor is floating through space unconscious and smashes into the ship of The Guardians of the Galaxy. So, I Imagine it has something to do with Thanos. 

When asked about this first end-credits scene during an interview with Radio Times, Jeff Goldblum didn't say much. All he said was:

“Marvel weaves – that’s what they’re up to, they’re weaving some sort of teasing web of enchantment. What do you think happens next? I don’t wanna give anything away…”

He was a bit more open about the second end-credits scene, though, because it involves his character and there's nothing that connects it to any other films. It's just a fun little gag. It's a more comedic scene and we get to see what happens to The Grandmaster after trying to stop Thor and Hulk from escaping Sakaar.

The Grandmaster basically ends up stranded in the same Sakaar junkyard where Thor himself crash-landed earlier in the movie. Here's what Goldblum says about it:

“If you stay ‘til the very end, the end credits, you see me do a bit of improvised, Taika Waititi-inspired and directed, bit of improvisation. It looks like my ship has gone down, and I’m surrounded by the rebels. And it’s me against all of them – but I’m the Grandmaster. I’m immortal. You can’t kill me, you can’t even hurt me. I can go like this – mmmmmmmm – and do away with them, and then I can resurrect them if I want. So whatever I’m going on about [in the scene] is just for my own amusement.”

I really hope that we do get to see The Grandmaster make a grand comeback in another Marvel film somewhere down the road. It'd be a shame if we don't. He's such a great character!

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