Jemaine Clement is Writing a FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS Movie

HBO’s Flight of the Conchords was such a great show, and I’m happy to report to the other fans out there that there’s a possibility we might actually get to see a movie! During an interview with IndieWire, star Jemaine Clement revealed that he has started the script writing process with his partner in crime Bret McKenzie. He told the site:

“We have actually started writing one. Who knows if it will ever be made, we’ve written some notes for some different film ideas. We’re not down to the stage where we’re going, ‘The film is going to be like this,’ it could be this, this, this, this, this.”

The series only ran on HBO show for two seasons back in 2007 and 2008. Just because they are working on the script doesn’t mean that the movie will happen. But it’s still great to know that they are working on making it happen — that fact alone means there’s a chance!

It will be interesting to see what story they’ve come up with for these characters. There’s no doubt it will be hilarious. 

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