Jesse Eisenberg Needed Multiple Takes for a Basketball Scene in BATMAN V SUPERMAN

Jesse Eisenberg appeared on Fallon last night to discuss Batman v Superman and revealed a little bit more about the film we're all dying to see! Apparently, there's a basketball scene that Eisenberg had to do as Luthor. Basically, Lex had to no look swish a 3 pointer and then turn around and begin his line.

If that sounds hard, try living it like Eisenberg did...

"That was like the 30th's not because I'm like terrible...I was making them all day...the pressure was so intense and then the character needs to turn around and have this very confident villainous greeting to these people but I just looked like a guy who just made a shot after 30 baskets which is exhausted and apologetic."

Glad he finally made it happen! Can't wait for this movie!

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