Jessica Chastain Confirms She Will Be in X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX

About a month ago, there was a report that Jessica Chastain was up for a role in the next X-Men film, Dark Phoenix. It was rumored that she was in talks to play the villainous part of Shi'ar Empress Lilandra. Although we still aren't 100% sure who she's playing, it can now be confirmed she will be in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

On Instagram, Jessica Chastain recently posted an image of herself with James McAvoy saying she'll be in Montreal to film with him in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Moreover, it can be assumed that she will be playing Lilandra as earlier thought due to her devil emoji and desire to "make him cry so hard." 

This has me wondering, though. I mean, in the comics Lilandra is not so much as a villain, as an antagonistic force that the X-Men have to battle and convince that Jean Grey isn't all bad. She has in the past teamed up with the X-Men and other heroic figures. Lilandra even had a relationship with Professor X at one time. They were MARRIED! But, maybe that just confirms even more that she is going to be played by Chastain. Maybe she's going to make McAvoy cry because he loves her so much. 

With Chastain revealing her involvement in the film, I assume it will be very soon that her role will also be confirmed. It is most likely she is Lilandra, and that will be great. She has a strong film presence that is fitting for an alien queen. Now all I really can think about is if they are gonna get Gladiator, and who will play him. That's what I want to know. Check out the Instagram post she made below to see her confirmation.

Hey @jamesmcavoyrealdeal you ready for me up in Montreal? Im gonna make you cry so hard 😈 #xmen @simondavidkinberg

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