Jet-Powered Sci-Fi Short Film - TRAVELER

I’ve got a solid sci-fi short for you to watch today called Traveler. The movie was written and directed by Simon Brown of the The CGBros, and you can tell he put a lot of hard work into bringing his story to the screen. Brown is a VFX artist that has worked on films such as The Matrix Revolutions, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and Ice Age: Meltdown. He obviously used his skills to add a bit a visual awesomeness to his short.

"Traveler" is a teaser short for an epic sci-fi feature set in the near future.
When a group of friends discover a secret code on the dark-web, they build a jet-powered craft to attempt jumping to the far side of our galaxy. But when they succeed, they unwittingly open up earth to the ‘aware’ - civilizations who are advanced enough to ‘jump’ through space.
Earth sits at a crucial way-point in the universe and has been targeted for illegal colonization. Only our adventurers can stop this - if they prove to the galactic council how nefarious the security chief's plans are. Such a quest will take them to the far edges of the galaxies and the far-flung worlds there.

The CG effects are solid and the story concept is decent, but I will admit that the acting is a little flat. That can be forgiven, though, because I imagine this is a short film that used what they had available to them. That being said, I could see this concept being turned into a feature film with proper funding.

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