J.J. Abrams Admits STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Had “Story Problems"

Star Trek Into Darkness ended up disappointing a lot of fans. I heard that it was even voted the worst Star Trek film of all time at a Star Trek convention. That’s some pretty harsh criticism, and director J.J. Abrams recently admitted that the film had some problems. While talking with Wired, Abrams discussed how he didn’t want to approach Star Wars: The Force Awakens without knowing their story, and that’s when Star Trek came up:

"I didn’t want to enter into making a movie where we didn’t really own our story. I feel like I’ve done that a couple of times in my career. That’s not to say I’m not proud of my work, but the fact is I remember starting to shoot Super 8 and Star Trek Into Darkness and feeling like I hadn’t really solved some fundamental story problems."

At least he understands where he went wrong in those films, and people learn from their mistakes. He goes on to explain the benefits of keeping things secret with the movies he makes:

"There’s a really positive side to keeping quiet. You can protect the audience from spoilers or certain moments that, in a way, obviate the movie experience. But on the other hand, you risk being seen as coy or as a withholding shithead. That’s never my intent."

I think he and Lucasfilm have been handling the Star Wars: Force Awakens marketing perfectly. They aren’t giving us too much, but they also aren’t giving us too little. They’ve found a sweet spot that seems to be making fans happy.

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