J.J. Abrams Developing Secret Sci-Fi Project at Sony Pictures

Director J.J. Abrams is at it again with his secret sci-fi mystery box film projects. Deadline is reporting that he is making a deal to develop an untitled top secret project for Sony Pictures. Abrams is only set to produce the film through his Bad Robot production company, but he's brought on a director by the name of Chris Alender, who will make his feature film debut with the movie. The director previously made an awesome steampunk style short film called "Eye Of The Storm," which you can watch below. 

There's not much information on the project as it has been labeled "Top Secert," but the reports says that it will have a "Cloverfield feel and a contained budget and that it involves aliens."  Cloverfield is the film that launched the directing career of Matt Reeves (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) and Abrams is hoping to do the same thing with this Alender fella. Here's a little history behind the project:

"This project started at Bad Robot, which set it at its home studio, Paramount. Several drafts were written, the latest by Justin Doble. When Paramount wasn’t moving, Abrams persuaded the studio to let it go. Alender helped his cause by coming in with more than a script. He cut together a sizzle reel that accentuated the inventive things the film brings to the genre; he created a digital look book that explained the visuals of the movie and he even made a five-minute teaser scene that was an action-heavy precursor to this film. Now, he’s strongly positioned to make his debut and it certainly helps to have Abrams in your corner."

I love these smaller secret film projects that Abrams involves himself with. He has a great track record with these films, which tells me this is definitely going to be a project worth keeping an eye on. Ya gotta love the mystery box. 

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