J.J. Abrams Has Final Cut on STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, Says Studio Won't "Disney-fy" It

There's a lot of hope out there for the future of Star Wars right now; considering the disappointing prequel films, I think it might even be fair to say it's "a new hope." (See what I did there?) But one of the lingering concerns I've seen voiced by movie buffs is that since Disney now owns Lucasfilm, there's the possibility that new live-action Star Wars movies end up getting watered down by the traditionally family-friendly studio. Thankfully, Star Wars: The Force Awakens writer/director J.J. Abrams is here to put those fears to rest. In a recent Q&A event for Vanity Fair, Abrams spoke about how the parent company is handling the movie:

"Yeah, yeah," he responded when asked if he had final cut. "They let us make the movie we wanted to make."
"I cannot say enough about how Bog Iger and Alan Horn have understood this thing that is now part of the Disney company. And they’re not trying to Disney-fy it, they’re not doing anything other than, I think, an incredibly smart thing, which is letting Kathleen Kennedy — who is a remarkable person and producer — run and lead Lucasfilm to a place where I think it wants to go."

That's great news, and yet another reason to be excited about Star Wars. We'll finally find out whether all of this excitement is warranted when the film hits theaters on December 18th. You can watch the whole video below.

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